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If you think FCA is the way to settle your dispute, the way forward is very easy.

  1. First, you’ll need to consult with the other side and suggest arbitration.
  2. If you already have an arbitration agreement with the other side, you’re half-way there already.
  3. But the advantages of FCA arbitration are available even where the parties don’t have a pre-existing arbitration clause. There is nothing to stop parties from agreeing that their dispute should be referred to arbitration – even if up till then they’d been moving towards court proceedings.
  4. Contact our Arbitration Clerk and discuss the matter with her. She will be able to explain the process in full, including fees, and advise you as to who may be appropriate as an Arbitrator for your dispute and their availability. She can answer any queries you may have and take you through the necessary documents including a model arbitration agreement.
  5. Once an arbitration agreement is in place and your agreement with FCA has been signed by both parties and lodged with the Arbitration Clerk, our Arbitration Clerk will liaise with all parties in relation to the progression of the arbitration. Throughout the proceedings the Arbitration Clerk will be your first point of contact with FCA.