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The cost of resolving your dispute through FCA will depend upon its complexity and the seniority of the FCA member you wish to appoint. We suggest you speak to our Arbitration Clerk at the outset. She will be able to help you select the most appropriate FCA member for your dispute, and discuss fees with you. Timescales for completion of work will depend on the barrister's availability which is dependent upon the barrister’s current professional commitments. 

In many cases, whether you wish to appoint a silk or junior, FCA will be able to resolve your dispute on a fixed fee basis. For the purposes of illustration we have devised some examples in the table below. These are based upon hiring a senior junior barrister as arbitrator.

  Category A Category B
Directions FCA Category A directions apply
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FCA Category B directions apply
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Papers No more than 1 lever arch file of single sided paper, including submissions and authorities No more than 3 lever arch files of single sided paper, including submissions and authorities
Method of determination Senior Junior
Paper only
Senior Junior
If required, one day’s hearing allowed
Timing Reasoned written award within 20 working days. Reasoned written award within the later of 40 working days, and 20 working days from the hearing
COST £3,000 + VAT £6,000 + VAT