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Greville Healey

Greville Healey
Called 2002

Greville is a specialist property litigator, with extensive experience in courts, tribunals and arbitrations.  His focus is on commercial property law, including:

  • business tenancies;
  • rent reviews;
  • commercial landlord and tenant disputes;
  • the development of land;
  • easements and restrictive covenants; and
  • the telecommunications code.

As well as being an advocate and advisor, he also regularly acts as a legal assessor and legal expert in:

  • rent review arbitrations;
  • disputes over the interpretation of development agreements, options and overage agreements; and
  • arbitrations concerning agricultural holdings and notices to quit. 

Greville is a contributing editor of Hill & Redman’s Law of Landlord and of Tenant and Fisher & Lightwood’s Law of Mortgages, and regularly writes articles and gives talks and seminars on topics in his areas of specialism. 

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