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The cost of resolving your dispute under The Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Act 2022 (CRCA) through Falcon Chambers Arbitration (FCA) will depend upon its complexity and the seniority of the FCA member you wish to appoint. We suggest you speak to our Arbitration Clerk at the outset. She will be able to help you select the most appropriate FCA member for your dispute, and discuss fees with you. We limit the cost of appointment to £100 plus VAT, to cover the administrative costs of carrying out the necessary conflict checks, sourcing the appropriate FCA member as Arbitrator, and uploading the Award to our website. 

As to the Arbitrator’s fees, in many cases, whether you wish to appoint a silk or junior, FCA will be able to resolve your dispute on a fixed fee basis. For the purposes of illustration we have devised some examples in the table below. These are based upon hiring a senior junior barrister as arbitrator, where there is no hearing. For simple disputes where the amount at issue is small, our Arbitration Clerk will be happy to discuss lower fees, starting at £1,000.



Category A

Category B


No more than 1 lever arch file of single-sided paper, including submissions and authorities

No more than 3 lever arch files of single-sided paper, including submissions and authorities


£3,000 + VAT

£6,000 + VAT


  1. Should it be possible to deal with the application more swiftly than expected (for example if it is flawed from the outset and must be dismissed), the Arbitrator will reimburse fees to the paying party, depending upon the amount of time spent considering the matter.
  2. Where either party requests a hearing, a further fee will be payable by that party.  The level of that further fee will depend upon the length and complexity of the hearing, to be discussed with the Arbitration Clerk.  There may also be expenses associated with room hire.
  3. If the Arbitrator considers that it will be necessary to seek expert assistance from a specialist in another discipline, such as an accountant, a separate amount will be charged, to reflect the specialist’s fees.