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Kirk Reynolds KC

Kirk Reynolds KC
Called 1974
Silk 1993



Hon Arbrix

Kirk Reynolds KC advises and appears in Court and arbitrations in all areas of property law, and has for over 30 years acted as arbitrator, independent expert and legal assessor in property disputes.

Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators’ Presidential Property Dispute Service.

  • Qualifications

    I have the degree of Master of Arts from Cambridge University, and I am an Honorary Doctor of Laws of the University of Bedfordshire.

    I was called to the Bar in 1974, and took silk in 1992. 

    I have been a member of Falcon Chambers since 1975 and I am a Bencher of the Middle Temple.

    I was made an Honorary Member of the RICS in 1997 in recognition of my contribution to the setting up of training courses for arbitrators, and other services to the RICS.  I am also an Honorary Member of Arbrix, the body dedicated to the continuing professional development of arbitrators and independent experts involved in the resolution of property disputes.

    Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

  • Publications and Lectures

    I am the co‑author of:

    • The Handbook of Rent Review updated 60 times since its publication in 1981
    • Dilapidations: The Modern Law and Practice (5 editions since 1994)
    • Renewal of Business Tenancies (4 editions since 1997)

    I have given a number of Blundell Memorial Lectures on property and arbitration topics over the years and have spoken frequently at commercial conferences, in‑house seminars and professional training courses on property law and arbitration generally. 

  • Arbitration work – professional

    • As an advocate I have appeared in the Courts in a large number of arbitration cases, including appeals, applications to set aside for misconduct, and other matters arising under the Arbitration Act 1996 and its predecessors.
    • I have been appointed frequently by the RICS or the parties as arbitrator in property‑related arbitrations, some of which were dealt with by written representations, and some of which went to a formal hearing.
    • I have been appointed by a number of arbitrators to act as legal assessor in property arbitrations.
    • I have frequently been appointed to determine, as independent expert, disputes as to the interpretation of leases and other property documents. 
  • Arbitration work – written work

    • Arbitrators’ Guidance Notes: I was one of the original team which drafted and brought forward for publication the RICS guidance note for arbitrators and independent experts in commercial property rent reviews and have been consulted by the RICS in relation to subsequent editions and other professional questions.
    • Honorary Membership of RICS and Arbrix: I was elected an Honorary Member of the RICS in 1997 in recognition of my contribution to the guidance notes, the setting up of training courses for arbitrators, and general advice to the RICS on arbitration matters.  I was one of the founders of Arbrix and was among the first to be elected an Honorary Member.
    • Handbook of Rent Review: I have been co-author of the Handbook of Rent Review (which has a substantial arbitration section) since it publication in 1981 and have participated in the regular updating of that work in 60 services.
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