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To assist FCA clients we have developed some standard documents . These are available below. They can be downloaded. If you have any questions, please contact our Arbitration Clerk.

Model Arbitration Agreement: this is the two-page agreement that will initiate the arbitration.

The FCA Arbitration Rules: these are our standard terms on which we are normally happy to be engaged. However if for any reason you would like to discuss other terms please contact the Arbitration Clerk who will be pleased to assist.

The FCA Model Arbitration Directions: these are the straightforward directions that we have devised to provide a framework for the arbitration. They can of course be modified to suit your particular circumstances.

The Protocol for Applications for Consent to Assign or Sublet: this protocol aims to avoid disputes concerning the assignment or subletting of commercial property situated in England and Wales – but if disputes cannot be avoided, the protocol points the parties towards resolution by experts with minimum contention.

Clerking Protocol

Falcon Chambers Arbitration Model Arbitration Clause: This clause is designed to be inserted in a lease or other property agreement.

If you require a Word version of the above documents please contact our Arbitration Clerk.